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Here you will find a large selection of Arabic fonts (over 500 fonts) available for download free of charge and requires no registration. Users are limited to 20 downloads per day.

We also provide a huge selection of Arabic Style Font and Islamic Calligraphy for download.

Do you have a font or a piece of art you would like to share? send it to us now and we will add it to our website immediately.

Thank you for passing by and remember to tell your friends about us, also take a second to visit our premium fonts.

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Over 500 Arabic Font

Over 77 Calligraphy Art

Premium Arabian Fonts

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About Us

The reason why I created this site was to help designers easily find arabic fonts to download. I realised that there were not many resources on the web for them. Many of the places I found only gave maybe 10-20 free fonts and most of what was available wasn’t that great. Therefore I designed this site to be essentially one for all site for those looking for everything related to these fonts, calligraphy and more. I hope you find this site helpful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me for help.For some of you who are having problems installing or using them, please look on the left sidebar for instructions and youtube videos on how to get them working.

About the Master Collection

This collection is essentially a one-stop shop for busy designers that don’t have time to go through hundreds of pages of fonts on this site. With this collection you will easily be able to use over 2,900 fonts in one go and not have to deal with the hassle of just downloading fonts one by one. In addition, this master collection has a 60 day warranty. Meaning, if you are not happy with it in any way or form, you can immediately receive a refund within 24hours. I am confident that with my 60 day warranty, you will risk nothing if you decide to purchase this collection. But you don’t want to do that, then just feel free to browse the site and download anything for free :)


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